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Kidney Cysts Ayurveda Treatment

While most of these cysts are usually harmless, some may grow in size and lead to complications such as hypertension, infection, and renal failure. If you are struggling with kidney cysts, Ayurveda treatment can offer a natural way to manage these health issues. Herbs such as Punarnava powder and Gokshuradi guggulu have been said to boost kidney function and improve overall health outcomes for patients dealing with kidney cysts. 

Causes of Kidney Cysts

kidney cysts may also be a result of an injury or damage to the kidneys as well as infections. While most kidney cysts are benign and don’t require any treatment, larger ones may lead to complications such as pain and discomfort or more severe symptoms like hypertension or decreased kidney function.

Symptoms of Kidney Cysts

       However, when symptoms do occur

  •  They may include pain in the back
  • Side, a feeling of fullness or heaviness in the   abdomen
  •  Abnormal growth of the kidneys.
  •  Occasionally, a person with kidney cysts may also       experience blood in their urine or have high blood       pressure
Kidney Cysts Ayurveda Treatment

Kidney Cysts Ayurveda Treatment

 Ayurveda, an ancient Indian system of medicine, offers natural remedies for the treatment of kidney cysts. The main ayurvedic remedies include dietary modifications (reducing salt intake), liver detoxification to improve organ function, and the use of specific herbs such as punarnava or varuna that are known to help dissolve the cysts. 

Yoga exercises like paschimottanasana and pavanamuktasana can also be beneficial for reducing pain in the lower back caused by kidney cysts. Ayurveda treatment aims to correct imbalances in the body’s energies that have led to the formation of cysts while promoting overall well-being.

Kidney Cysts Review

Here you will get to know about Kidney Cysts treatment at Hiims Jodhpur by Dr Vikas Gupta.

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