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Virechan Ayurveda Treatment Book Appointment Virechan Ayurveda Treatment – The purpose of which is to cleanse the body of toxins and impurities. The process mainly involves the intake of specific herbs and medicines, followed by therapeutic massage to stimulate bowel movements. This process promotes vital liver functions that effectively eliminate excess bile and waste from the body by inducing perspiration through the skin. Virechan Ayurveda Treatment – In addition, virechana therapy restores balance to aggravated doshas, thereby improving digestion, skin texture, and reducing inflammation. This therapy is often recommended for people with respiratory conditions like asthma or allergies, gastrointestinal issues, acidity, chronic migraine headaches, or even menstrual disorders. Types of Virechan – Virechan Ayurveda Treatment There are different types of purgation, including teeksha virechana (strong), mridu virechana (mild), and madhya virechana (moderate). Tetku Virechana is the strongest type and is suitable for people of strong build who can withstand its intensity. On the other hand, soft purgation is a mild form of purgation that is recommended for people with a weak constitution or a sensitive digestive system. Finally, Madhya Virechana is a middle form that provides a balanced approach and generally acts as a mediator between two extremes. Benefits of Virechan – Virechan Ayurveda Treatment This ancient practice helps maintain a balance in the three doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha – by eliminating excess Pitta through the colon. The benefits of virechana include relief from constipation, bloating, gas problems and indigestion; improved appetite and metabolism;  Improving liver function to remove impurities from the blood; Reduced risk of skin allergies and rashes; Sharper mental clarity leads to better concentration; less lethargy and more energy throughout the day; Weight loss due to elimination of ama (toxins); youthful glowing skin; Reducing chronic diseases like diabetes mellitus and hypertension. Treatment Procedure Virechan Treatment involves consuming herbal preparations and undergoing a series of massages to stimulate the body’s digestive system, which facilitates the elimination of waste materials. Before starting virechana, a thorough consultation is done to determine the person’s physical constitution and medical history.  Based on these factors the materials used in bleaching are carefully selected. Treatment can be tailored to address specific conditions and concerns, such as digestive disorders or skin issues.  While undergoing Virechana, it is essential to follow a strict diet and lifestyle as prescribed by an Ayurvedic practitioner for optimum results. The aim of this treatment is not only to detoxify but also to improve digestion, metabolism, circulation and immune function, restoring balance to the body and mind holistically. Who can take Virechan? Is this treatment suitable for certain conditions like symptoms of excessive heat or inflammation in the body, frequent constipation, and mental stress among others. People who have recently undergone surgery or have chronic liver or kidney disease should avoid consuming Virechana.  Women who are pregnant, menstruating or breastfeeding should also avoid the treatment due to its laxative effects which can affect their body’s natural processes. Also, a person’s individual dosha (the unique combination of elements that make up their constitution) Book Appointment +91 7042735658 Address: Sandhya Jani Devi Hospital & Resort, Village Manaklao, Mathania Road, near Samadhi, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342024​ Youtube Facebook Instagram

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