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कैसे 30 सेकण्ड में पाए बवासीर से आराम| (क्षारसूत्र चिकित्सा द्वारा ) जानिए Ayurveda Mega Camp में ​

Get Cure Ano-rectal Disease by Ayurveda Mega Camp Ksharsutra Treatment.


📅 एडवांस बुकिंग स्पेशल ऑफर!
🌟 प्राइवेट मरीजों के लिए 40% की छूट
⏰ समय: 3 दिनों में
📆 तिथि: 05, 06, 07 अप्रैल 2024
👨‍⚕️ विशेषज्ञ: डॉक्टर विकास गुप्ता
📍 स्थान: संध्या जानी देवी हॉस्पिटल एंड रिजॉर्ट, ग्राम माणकलाओ, मथानिया रोड, समाधि के पास, जोधपुर, राजस्थान 342024​
🚑 कुल सर्जरी: 100
🔍 अधिक जानकारी के लिए संपर्क करें: 7042735658
यह एक अच्छा और सुरक्षित स्वास्थ्य आयोजन हो सकता है! 🏥✨


At the Ayurvedic Mega Camp for piles, fissure, fistula  Diseases, Find Healing 


Are you feeling uncomfortable because of problems with your bottom? Do you want to feel better and find a natural way to heal? Well, you’re in luck! The Ayurveda Mega Camp is here to help you. It’s a special event where you can try out ancient Ayurvedic treatments for issues like hemorrhoids and piles, fissure, fistula Diseases. Dr. Vikas Gupta, who is very famous for his work, will be there to guide you. You can rely on his knowledge and the traditional remedies he uses to make you feel better and get back to feeling healthy again.

This 3-day Mega Camp on April 5, 6, and 7, 2024, presents a rare opportunity to get Ksharsutra Treatment, a specific Ayurveda therapy well-known for its efficacy in treatingpiles, fissure, fistula Diseases. This camp offers comfort and rejuvenation through natural treatment methods, regardless of the condition you’re struggling with—hemorrhoidspiles, fissure, fistula Diseases. 

Situated in the serene Sandhya Jani Devi Hospital Resort, close to Jodhpur, Rajasthan, in the charming village of Mankalao, the surroundings encourage rest and recovery. You’ll find peace and comfort as you start your road towards wellness because of the tranquilly of nature surrounding you.

Booking comes with an exclusive offer – a 40% discount for private patients, making this healing experience both accessible and affordable. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to prioritize your health and well-being at a fraction of the cost.

For those seeking more information or wishing to secure their spot, a simple call to 7042735658 will provide all the details you need. Whether you’re a resident or traveling from afar, this Mega Camp welcomes all individuals seeking relief from anorectic ailments.

At Sandhya Jani Devi Health Resort, we firmly think that Ayurveda can help the body and mind regain harmony and balance. Come go with us to the Ayurveda Mega Camp and experience revitalized health and vitality. Together, let’s put your well being first!

Sandhya Jani Devi Health Resort - Ayurvedic Health Resort

Ayurvedic Health Resort – Heal your mind and body with our treatments. We, Sandhya Jani Devi Health Resort Panchkarma Naturopathy Yoga Hospital, situated at Manaklao, Jodhpur, Rajasthan and our objective is making people’s lives happy and healthy through authentic Ayurvedic therapy.

Sandhya Jani Devi Specialty Services

ayurveda kidney treatment

Kidney Treatment

It happens when the kidneys are no longer able to filter waste from the blood adequately, which leads to various complications including anemia, fatigue and all-over body weakness.

liver treatment

Liver Treatment

The primary symptoms are nausea, jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes), fatigue, weight loss, abdominal pain or swelling, dark urine and pale stools.

ayurvedic health resort

Cancer Treatment

Cancer is an abnormal growth of cells that can occur in any part of the body, including organs and tissues, leading to cancer-related illnesses such as lymphoma and leukemia.

ayurvedic health resort

Heart Disease

Eating a nutritious diet low in salt and saturated fat, exercising regularly, quitting smoking, and getting regular check-ups with your doctor are all key steps to decreasing your risk of developing heart disease.

ayurvedic health resort

Paralysis Treatment

It occurs when the nervous system fails to send the signals correctly from the brain to muscles, resulting in an impaired or total inability for the affected area to move.

ayurvedic health resort

Piles, Fissure, Fistula

It is characterized by the swelling and inflammation of the veins around the anus or lower rectum. Symptoms include anal pain, itching, and bleeding during bowel movements.

Ayurveda kidney Treatment

Ayurvedic Health Resort

Panchkarma Treatment​

Panchkarma treatment is an ancient Ayurvedic therapy with a wide range of uses. It detoxifies the body and mind on a deep level, allowing for improved physical, mental, and spiritual health.

ayurvedic health resort
migraine stress headache treatment
ayurvedic health resort

For Migraine

ayurvedic health resort

For E.N.T


Blood Purification


For Purification

ayurvedic health resort

For Throat

Kidney Treatment

किडनी रोगी ने बताया किडनी रोगीओं के इलाज के लिए सही जगह 

Sandhya jani devi Health Resort

Get Kidney or Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment

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