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cancer ayurveda treatment​ is a complex, multi-faceted disease characterized by uncontrolled cell growth and tissue invasion. It is the leading cause of death globally due to its highly aggressive nature and lack of effective treatments in many cases. Cancer can affect any part of the body, although some forms occur more commonly than others, such as carcinomas of the lung or breast, melanomas, leukemias and lymphomas.


Cancer Ayurveda Treatment​ - Types of Cancer Diease

The four major categories


Carcinomas are cancers that arise from epithelial tissue and account for approximately 80% of all cancer diagnoses. Examples include breast, colorectal and lung cancer.


Lymphomas develop in lymphocytic tissues such as the bone marrow or lymph nodes and comprise around 16% of cases; Hodgkin's disease and Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma are two common examples.


Sarcomas originate from mesenchymal cells within connective tissue such as fat, cartilage or bone; 15-20% sarcoma cases involve soft tissue respectively while 80-85% involve bone tissue.

Central Nervous System Cancers

Central nervous system cancers affect cells found in the brain and spinal cord including glioblastoma multiforme, ependymoma or medulloblastoma.

Causes of Cancer Disease

  • Genetic Mutations
  • Tobacco Smoke
  • Exposure to Radiation

Diagnosis Cancer Disease

Here are many Cancer Ayurveda Treatment we use to cure Cancer Disease


Panchkarma is an ancient form of Ayurvedic treatment that seeks to restore balance, health, and wellness within the body. It focuses on the detoxification and purification of bodily systems in order to eliminate toxins and allow for clear channels of communication between the mind and body.


Naturopathy is an evidence-based primary health care system that uses natural treatments to promote the body's natural healing process.

Tub Therapy

Best Reverse Kidney Disease Ayurveda Therapy with Hot Water Tub Immersion.


Yoga Cure is an approach to physical and mental health that combines a holistic system for improving overall physical and psychological well-being.


A successful diet plan should provide both short- and long-term benefits. It should consist of healthy, balanced meals that prioritize lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

Our Doctors

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Ayurveda Specialist

Dr. Vikas Gupta

Devoted lover of Vedic Science with firm belief to bring back the glory of Ayush with evidence based practice measure to ensure the a healthy world with longevity of human race.  cancer ayurveda treatment Visionary leadership of Dr Vikas Gupta brought change in to the viewing aspect of society towards Vedic science. Dr Vikas Gupta started following footsteps of Rishi of ancient times by acquire knowledge from various saints and started teaching Vedic Science Ayurveda to Ayurveda graduates from all over the India. 1 Jan 2015 Dr Vikas Gupta drop services of modern medicine and started a new journey of practice, teaching, spreading Vedic science Ayurveda to each and each door step of Indian society through a organization name Sandhya Medicity Healthcare. In 5 years of his journey. He treated more 1 lakh Indian family including M.P, MLA, Business Tycoon of India. He treated Italian Senate from Sardegna Italy.

Ayurveda Kidney treatment

Get Cure From Cancer Treatment

With Ayurveda Treatment at Sandhya Jani Devi Health Resorts you can get cure from any type of Disease like Cancer or Kidney etc.

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