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Panchakarma Ayurveda Treatment

Panchakarma Ayurveda Treatment is an ancient Ayurvedic therapy with a wide range of uses. It detoxifies the body and mind on a deep level, allowing for improved physical, mental, and spiritual health.


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Shirodhara Ayurveda Treatment

Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic practice that involves the gently flowing of a stream of warm oil over the forehead for therapeutic, calming and anti-aging effects. This technique originates from India and has been beneficially used in medicine, physiotherapy and beauty contexts for thousands of years. Shirodhara works by creating a deep sense of relaxation and balance to the body and mind, helping both to let go together. At its core, Shirodhara facilitates the decongestion of Vata (the movement bundle constituting nervous system, respiration etc.) which helps individuals reduce pain, stress and fatigue while also helping with cognitive clarity while inducing deeper spiritual insight and intuition. By stimulating different senses such as sight, touch or smell it promotes deeper relaxation states which can help improve appetite or alleviate insomnia. In sum Shirodhara is an effective holistic medical and beauty practice that has accompanied human beings for millennia.



Nasyam Ayurveda Treatment

Nasyam is an Ayurvedic treatment procedure used to cleanse the head and neck areas of toxins. It involves administering various oils, ghee, and herbal juices through the nose into the nasal cavity or sinus area in order to flush out diseases like sinusitis, rhinitis, headache, migraine, facial paralysis and other neurological conditions. The oils used are typically sesame oil or coconut oil, while ghee and herbal juices act as lubricants which form a coating on the nasal mucosa. This helps draw out toxins from deep within the body and prevents them from recirculating around the body. Nasyam also increases immunity levels by activating self-healing mechanisms within the body. In addition, it relieves congestion in the respiratory passages as well as headaches caused by inflammation of neuralgia nerves.


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Raktmokshana Ayurveda Treatment

Raktmokshana ayurvedic treatment is an ancient North Indian method of blood purification and detoxification that has been used in India for centuries. It involves the sequenced administration of herbal medicines and treatments such as leech therapy, medicinal licking, oleation and purgation, and virechana that help to eliminate the toxins from the body’s circulatory system. The main objective of this procedure is to restore balance in the body’s tridoshas (vata, pitta and kapha) so as to improve overall health. Raktmokshana has been proved to be beneficial in treating a variety of disorders related to toxicity as well as lifestyle-related ailments such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis and cancer. In many cases it can even lead to complete remission from some diseases. Thus, this traditional form of treatment offers a safe and natural way to achieve improved health without any side effects.



Virechana Ayurveda Treatment

Virechana is an Ayurvedic detoxification therapy that involves the purgation (elimination) of impurities from the body’s channels and systems. This treatment is done to reduce excess Kapha and Pitta doshas which are responsible for creating imbalance in the body. It can be administered through both oral medicines as well as anal medications like Kashaya, or Vati. In addition, traditional methods such as snehana and swedana might also be prescribed to further purify the body before virechana. It helps to flush out toxins while factors such as diet, lifestyle and age must be taken into consideration when determining whether this particular treatment is appropriate or not.


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Vaman Ayurveda Treatment

Vaman Ayurveda treatment is a traditional and holistic form of medicine originating from India. Essentially, it’s a type of detoxification process which consists of the patient swallowing medicated oil or herbal decoctions to induce vomiting as a way to cleanse the body. This helps to restore balance in the human body by eliminating unhealthy toxins from your body through vomiting. Additionally, mild laxative and purgatives may also be given alongside this treatment with the objective to help draw out further toxins beneficial for restoring optimal health. Vaman is considered to be one of the five major therapies in Ayurveda known as panchakarma, and has been found effective for treating respiratory conditions such as asthma, skin issues such as psoriasis, sinus problems, and certain digestive conditions when prescribed by an experienced Ayurveda practitioner.


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