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Raktmokshana Ayurveda Treatment

Raktmokshana Ayurveda Treatment – involves the removal of impure blood from the body. This therapy is done to eliminate toxins from the bloodstream and purify it. The process begins by identifying an area or organ with poor circulation and purifying that area with steam therapy. After that, small incisions are made in a sterile environment on specific parts of the body, such as the neck, forehead or ear lobes. 

Once done, special herbs and ointments are applied to stop the bleeding and protect against infection. Raktamokshan can also be treated through leech therapy in which medical leeches are placed on the skin to suck out impure blood, allowing a clean flow of energy in your system. This Ayurvedic treatment helps relieve skin disorders including eczema, psoriasis and acne, improves digestion and boosts overall immunity by flushing out toxins from within.

Types of Raktmokshana Ayurveda Treatment

Raktmokshana Ayurveda Treatment, a Sanskrit word for bloodletting, is considered an effective therapy in Ayurveda that eliminates toxins and excess doshas from the body. Various types of Raktamokshana techniques have been proposed in ancient Ayurvedic literature such as Jalaukavacharana (leech therapy), Sirvyadha (venous puncture), Prachna-karma (needle-puncture), Alabu/pinda-marma (cupping/suction and scraping methods) and Shringa-putan-marham (use of a horn-shaped instrument). 

Each technique has its own specific indications and contraindications depending on the patient’s constitution, disease pattern, strength, age, etc. These remedies are beneficial in treating disorders like skin diseases, joint pain, jaundice etc. Apart from this, it also helps in achieving balance in the three doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Types of Raktmokshana

Benefits of Raktmokshana

This involves removing a small amount of blood from the body by various means. The benefits of Raktamokshan not only include improving physical health but also mental and emotional well-being. It stimulates circulation by removing impurities from the body’s bloodstream and boosts immunity by eliminating toxins.

 This process also helps in treating skin disorders and allergies caused by excessive toxins in the bloodstream. In addition, it significantly reduces inflammation, which can lead to chronic diseases like arthritis. Research shows that bloodsucking may help reduce stress and anxiety levels by releasing endorphins in response to pain stimuli.

Raktmokshana Treatment Procedure

Which involves the removal of impure blood from the body. The purpose of the procedure is to purify the blood and enhance overall health by eliminating toxins and reducing the risk of diseases caused by impure blood. Bloodletting treatment can be performed in a variety of ways, including leech therapy, vein puncture with needles, or cupping therapy.

 These methods target specific areas of the body where impure blood tends to accumulate, such as around joints or in clogged veins. Although Raktamokshan is considered a safe and effective treatment method, it should only be administered by a qualified practitioner who understands this ancient system well.

Who can take Raktmokshana ?

It is generally recommended for people with skin diseases, chronic headaches, swollen joints and other related problems caused due to excess of pitta dosha in the body.

 However, it should not be performed on pregnant women, elderly patients who are weak or debilitated, people with low blood pressure or people suffering from acute infections.

 Additionally, anyone taking medications that affect clotting or with coagulation disorders should avoid this treatment unless advised otherwise by their healthcare provider.

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