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Diet Ayurveda Therapy

Diet Treatment

Diet Therapy Diet Ayurveda Therapy is an evidence-based approach to managing health conditions such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and some cardiovascular diseases. It involves making significant changes to one’s dietary habits by favoring nutrient-dense foods over those high in sugars or added fats. Book Appointment The main principles behind diet treatment involve Eating foods …

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diet therapy ayurveda treatment

How To Improve Diet Therapy Ayurveda Treatment?

There we strive to bring you the most valuable and engaging content on holistic health and wellness. Which is “How to Improve Diet Therapy Ayurveda Treatment? In this blog, we will guide you through several effective strategies to improve your overall health through Ayurvedic principles. Understanding Diet Therapy Ayurveda Treatment The ancient Indian medical system, …

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liver treatment ayurveda

Liver Treatment Ayurveda

Liver Treatment Ayurveda Book Appointment In terms of Liver Treatment Ayurveda offers several protocols that focus on cleansing and detoxify the liver. These therapies are based on the use of natural ingredients like herbs, spices, nutritional oils, juices and minerals proven to be effective in restoring digestive balance and strengthening overall health. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-Vj1O6lqo0&t=13s Liver Treatment Ayurveda – …

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Cancer Ayurveda Treatment​

Ayurveda Cancer Treatment

Cancer Ayurveda Treatment Cancer Ayurveda Treatment​ is a complex, multi-faceted disease characterized by uncontrolled cell growth and tissue invasion. It is the leading cause of death globally due to its highly aggressive nature and lack of effective treatments in many cases. Cancer can affect any part of the body, although some forms occur more commonly …

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paralysis ayurveda treatment

Paralysis Ayurveda Treatment

Paralysis Ayurveda Treatment Book Appointment Paralysis Ayurveda Treatment, the ancient science of life, offers an effective treatment option for individuals afflicted with paralysis. This type of therapy relies on natural and herbal remedies in order to boost body energy levels, thus promoting healing and improved functioning in paralyzed limbs. Causes of Paralysis Disease Paralysis results …

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Diabetes Disease Ayurveda Treatment

Diabetes Disease

Diabetes Disease Ayurveda Treatment Book Appointment Diabetes Disease Ayurveda Treatment is a highly prevalent chronic health condition that results from an absolute or relative deficiency of insulin. It is a debilitating and potentially life-threatening disease that negatively affects quality of life and places an economic burden on patients, caregivers and the healthcare system. Causes of …

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ksharsutra treatment for piles by ayurveda

Piles Treatment

Piles Ayurveda Treatment Book Appointment Piles Ayurveda Treatment, also known as haemorrhoids, are blood vessels in the lower rectum and anal canal that have become swollen and inflamed. They can present as small lumps around the anus. Causes of Piles Ayurveda Treatment Childbirth, sitting for a long time, straining during bowel movements and lifting heavy …

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